Building a Better Boyertown

Building a Better Boyertown (BBB) is a neighborhood group working to improve the economic, cultural, and social vitality of Boyertown, Pennsylvania, by reviving the town’s historic downtown. Since it was founded in 2002, the organization has had a significant influence on the growth of the town.

The goal of BBB is to support and foster the downtown area of Boyertown’s economic development while preserving its historical significance and enhancing its cultural and community resources. BBB has a number of initiatives and programs that seek to draw residents and businesses to the town’s central business district in order to fulfill this mission.

The Main Street Program, a component of the National Main Street Program, is one of BBB’s most important initiatives. Through the provision of resources and support to local communities, this program aims to aid in the revitalization of historic downtowns across the nation. BBB has been working hard to bring the advantages of the program to Boyertown ever since the town was chosen to take part in the Main Street Program in 2003.

The organization, promotion, design, and economic restructuring are the four main areas on which the Main Street Program concentrates. In terms of organization, BBB works to bring together various community stakeholders, such as business owners, residents, and local officials, to create alliances and partnerships that can aid in the revitalization of the downtown area. To do this, task forces and committees that concentrate on particular areas of improvement, like marketing and events, streetscape and beautification, and economic development, must be established.

Another crucial area that BBB concentrates on is promotion, which is essential for drawing visitors to the downtown area. Throughout the year, BBB plans and advertises events like the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, Boyertown Halloween Parade, and Duryea Day antique car and flea market event. The organization works to create a positive experience that will entice visitors to come back. These events draw people to the town’s downtown area.

Another crucial area of focus for BBB is design. The group collaborates with local authorities and business owners to enhance the appearance of the downtown area through streetscape enhancements, façade enhancements, and public art installations. BBB also works with neighborhood businesses to help them upgrade their storefronts and signage, which can significantly impact bringing in clients and fostering a friendly atmosphere.

And finally, BBB must concentrate on economic restructuring. The group supports and retains current businesses while also working to draw new ones to the downtown area. This includes assisting existing businesses that want to grow or improve their operations as well as offering assistance to entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business in Boyertown.

Boyertown’s downtown has been significantly impacted by BBB. The organization has aided in bringing new establishments to the downtown area over the years, including cafes, shops, and galleries. These companies have contributed to making the downtown area lively and diverse, drawing tourists from all over the area.

BBB has worked to enhance the appearance of the downtown area in addition to luring new businesses. Along with enhancing the streetscape with the addition of new sidewalks, lighting, and planters, this also entails collaborating with nearby companies to upgrade their storefronts and signage.

The development of events and other activities that draw people to the downtown area has also been significantly aided by BBB. Locals and tourists alike eagerly anticipate the organization’s annual events, which include Duryea Day, the Halloween Parade, and the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. The downtown area of Boyertown benefits from these activities by developing a sense of belonging and pride.

Overall, Boyertown, Pennsylvania, is a charming town with a fascinating past and a variety of fun things to do for tourists. There is something for everyone in this small town, from its historical structures and museums to its breathtaking natural surroundings and outdoor recreation opportunities.

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