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A beautiful smile can make you look good, but does your breath make you feel great? Many people experience bad breath but usually only after eating foods with strong odors, or when waking up in the morning. While the usual practice of oral hygiene can be the natural remedy, some people have it as a recurring issue.

Bad breath or medically referred to as Halitosis, is a condition that can affect a person physically and even emotionally. They tend to avoid smiling or even talking when with other people to avoid embarrassment. By doing so, their relationship with others can be affected, and it also reduces their self-esteem.

To help patients with this condition look and feel good at all times, here are some tips they should practice!

  • Practice proper dental hygiene at home. It is highly advised for patients to brush their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes, floss once, and mouth rinse. If brushing the teeth after a strong meal is not possible, rinsing the mouth with water can help get rid of substances that can cause a foul odor in the mouth.
  • Since there are a variety of oral products readily available today, patients should make sure to pick those that are breath-friendly. Fluoride toothpaste can protect the teeth while making sure that harmful substances would not accumulate. When it comes to mouthwash, it is best to pick the ones without alcohol, since it can result to dry mouth.
  • Watch what you eat and drink as much as possible. Limit the intake of foods not only with onions or garlic but also those that have high levels of acidity and fructose. It also goes to alcoholic beverages and coffee. Not only does it help with bad breath, but to the overall health as well.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables that have a crunchy texture like apples, pears, celery, carrots, and more. They contain vitamins and nutrients that are good for the body and mouth, which also acts as a natural scraper for the teeth when chewed to remove the accumulation of harmful substances on the enamel.
  • Stay hydrated at all times by drinking water instead of fruit juices, soda, or sports drink. It helps promote the adequate amount of saliva production which is essential in keeping the damage and odor-causing bacterias in the mouth under control.
  • Chewing on sugarless gum after eating can help not just by slightly masking the odor, but removing any food particles stuck in between teeth too.

The best thing to do for the effective cure of bad breath is having a dental professional from Bear Valley Dental Care check the status of your oral health. Knowing the cause of the problem allows the dentist to carefully formulate a treatment plan for the recommendation of the best possible procedure needed.

If you want to own a fresh, healthy smile and breath, then Bear Valley Dental Care is here for you. Check out our Halitosis Treatment in Boyertown, PA! You can visit us at 137 Montgomery Ave, Suite 200 Boyertown, PA 19512.

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