Tooth Extraction: The Proper Aftercare Everyone Should Observe

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There are two types of extraction: regular and wisdom tooth removal. As most people already know, the latter is much more complicated since it involves more complications. But fortunately, both can be dealt with easily, that is if the patient observes and performs the right aftercare.

At Bear Valley Dental Care, we are committed not only in performing the services our patients need, but we also assist them in making their recovery successful and hassle-free. So, for those who underwent a tooth extraction procedure, here are some easy tips to follow.

Remember to…

Be gentle

For the first few days after the procedure, patients are instructed only to consume soft foods that do not require much effort when chewing. It is to make sure that any pain and pressure which may delay healing can be avoided.

Bite down the gauze

After removing a tooth, the dentist will place a bandage on the extraction site and ask the patient to apply pressure. The purpose of this is to secure the formation of a clot that would protect the site until it heals completely. The dressing should be kept in place for three to four hours to ensure a successful blood clot. If the gauze becomes soaked, patients can change into a new one every half an hour or so.

Use ice

A few hours after the procedure, the jaw may begin to swell. Patients should not panic for this is normal after having a tooth extracted. To minimize inflammation, they are advised to apply an ice pack against the site in 20-minute intervals. The sooner this measure is observed, the higher the chance of minimizing the swelling.

Stay out of the extraction site

After an extraction, it would take a week or so before bones and tissues on the site grow. Until then, patients should make sure that the blood clot dissolves on its own and the area becomes less sensitive. To secure this, it is best not to disturb the site by poking it with the tongue and other objects.

Stop smoking

This harmful habit not only increases the possibility of dislodging the blood clot, but it can also lead to the delay of healing.


One of the best things patients can do to recover from a tooth extraction procedure is by keeping the head elevated. Try to keep this up for three full days for best results.

Make an effort to follow these tips listed above as well as the instructions given by the dentist to avoid any issues and to secure a successful recovery!

Looking for a safe and pain-free Tooth Extraction procedure in Boyertown, PA? Book an appointment with us at Bear Valley Dental Care. We have a caring and dedicated team that is ready to help with any of your dental needs.

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